Daily Archives: December 18, 2008


There is a woman I know, she’s older, around 60, although I never believe how old she says she is. She’s short, and round, and red headed. She is one of the sweetest women on the planet.

Honestly, she reminds me of me. She loves children, loves to write, always has a camera nearby. She has struggled with her weight, and continues to. She has a mass of curly red hair that is just gorgeous. Her smile lights up a room, especially when her eyes go downcast and her lips upturn, in an grin that is wonderful but, that she seems to be hiding.

L, let’s call her L, always has a kind word, and I have never seen her say anything harsh about another human being. L is always there to support me, and even when I am very down she can bring me up.

Over the weekend, I drug myself out to the Lodge children’s Christmas party with the two boys and my Granny. And, L was there, as she is always there for Lodge functions, we talked, a lot, she made me smile, and she bought me the sweetest get well gift, The 2009 Writer’s Market which is THE book for writers who are selling their work.

Now, I didn’t cry there but, I had a tear roll down my cheek on the way out. L believes in me to the point that she made me promise to mention her when my first book is published. I will. While, I have sold many articles, worked for several publications long term my long term goal is to write novels. Since L believes in me to this point, I need to get off my butt, get this book done, and get it published, so I can dedicate it to her, for believing in me.