Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

the tree

I love the lights on a Christmas tree. Some days I wish we could have a tree up all year long, even though I know that would make it not so special.

We didn’t put up our normal ornaments this year, opting for the cheap ones that were in the closet so no one had to climb into the attic to pull things down. In fact, our tree didn’t go up until very late, which makes me sad. Next year it will have to go up much sooner. The lights and the decorations make me smile, make small childrens’ eyes sparkle and are the best part of the holiday season. Well, next to a small child jumping up and down at the sight of a toy that he has said he wanted for months. Especially a toy that you bought for that child.

I have a lot to say about Christmas but I really am tired and not feeling well, so this is about it for today. more tomorrow.