Daily Archives: January 5, 2009

Grocery day

Today is grocery shopping day. I dread going anymore as groceries have gotten so expensive that it is horrendous. I’m making myself go, and I shall report back when done.

Bad. bad. Every single thing on my list has gone up, again. Even bananas have gone up, again. We are eating less and less meat, and cheaper and cheaper items. I hate that as with being diabetic I shouldn’t be eating some of this but you have to balance food costs somehow.

I have cut back from the double fiber 4 dollar a loaf bread to a 2 dollar a loaf whole grain bread. I could get the store brand white bread but white bread is just so bad for you and hit shoots my blood sugar so high that it is not worth it.

We’re eating a lot more soups and sandwich nights, quite a few simple cheap things. Unfortunately, the last month has been full of frozen crap food and things like that. I am slowly getting back into cooking as I get worn out so fast that it isn’t even funny. Like right now? I think it is time for a nap.

working on it.

The holidays have given us a lot of time together, Tony and the boys, have been home a lot, and my sisters have stopped by quite a bit. It is a shame this is all over tomorrow as they all go back to their standard schedule.

Unfortunately, I haven’t felt well this weekend so I have not spent as much time with everyone as I wish to. On top of some pain from the surgery I have a very bad sinus infection which is making my head feel like I have a pound of cement in it.

There has been some productivity though. My scarf is almost done I just have to finish the end but, Tony has to pick me up a crochet hook. I have one hat 3/4s of the way done in the Dallas Cowboys’ colors for the boys. I want to make one for Tre, Charlie, Colson and Tony but they do take time and I need to measure Colson’s head as he takes after his Dad so he has a pretty good size noggin. I’m afraid the child’s knitting loom I have will be too small and the next one up too large. We’ll see though.

Other than that, I have arranged my knitting stuff, tossed some other things, and I have actually cooked a couple times. It is still just simple basic stuff as I am not up to anything else yet. I can not wait until I have my energy back and I can cook all the things I love.

Everything is a work in progress though. Which really isn’t a bad thing as isn’t life a work in progress?