Daily Archives: January 9, 2009

Tony, Tre and Charlie are playing Lego Star Wars and I am sitting here cuddled into my robe watching last night’s television shows that were dvr’d.

Man, I am so glad that almost any cable package comes with a dvr now. I love being able to record shows and then watch shows later, it makes life so much easier with small, loud children in the house.

It is strange that when I was a teenager I didn’t watch much television, in fact I would much rather read a book, and even when tv was on I would still be reading. Now, I watch a lot more television but I am still reading most of the time as well. Only the reading I do as an adult is more online and it is just cheaper to have an internet connection than to buy the number of books I can go through in a month, hell, in a week.

Even having said all that, I have vowed to read more offline this year. I have drifted away from actual books to blogs and forums so much that I do not have as much of an attention span as I used to have. Which means I have to correct this. The only way to do that is to read at least a book a week.

Which means I am already one behind for the year. Time to go read, have a good one.