I am a bad blogger/journaler/oversharer. I was so busy getting ready for the wedding, St. Baldrick’s birthday weekend that I forgot about the 9th anniversary of this journal/blog/overshare. On March 25th it has been 9 years since I started an official journal. Holy shit, the only thing I have done longer than that is be […]


That young man in this picture is Daniel, the son of my best girl friend, Tracey. He is my nephew regardless of blood and I had to be at his wedding. While this weekend was amazingly busy, I knew that not being there would break my heart. I drove down Friday morning, a 2.5 hour […]

St. Baldrick’s

2009, 435 dollars raised (so far, I know I have more incoming) and I am bald again. I’ll have the final numbers from Colonial Beach Moose Lodge’s St. Baldrick’s Shavathon later this week. It has been a crazy busy weekend. A wedding Friday (2.5 hours away) on Friday, St. Baldrick’s on Saturday, a birthday party […]

2 of my nephews singing Was (Not Was’) “Walk the Dinosaur”

Ok, good friggin’ news finally! While the adrenal gland should have been removed the fact that it is swollen isn’t that worrisome. Right now, we watch and see. If my blood sugar goes out of whack, or I just don’t feel right, we’ll scan immediately, if not, the start of June is when I have […]