Seven Deadly Sins

How do the seven deadly sins come into play in your life? Whether or not you are religious, whether or not you believe in heaven and hell, how do they play out in your life? Write about them on your blog/journal/etc and then leave a link here. The best set of entries will get a […]


Part of a series of the seven deadly sins… I want this I mean, I really want it. To the point that I added it to my wishlist and just keep going back and looking at it. My computer is a T40. Yeah, pretty damn old and starting to slow way down. Not to mention […]

Best Kid Story Ever

My morning, and what I just posted to chat: Suzika: OMG, I have the funniest kid story ever. Suzika: T just woke me up about 40 minutes ago: Aunt Pooh, I had gum in my underwear and now its stuck. Suzika: So, I asked him: “Where is it stuck?”Suzika: “On my penis”Suzika: fuck. right? How […]


NED. I am so sick of those letters, and the words they stand for: No Evidence of Disease. That is the best I can hope for with renal cell carcinoma is NED. It is not curable, you just go into a state where no metastases are seen, where it looks like the cancer is all […]