This is my avatar from KoL fighting off an infection. Since my body is having a heard time the wonderful Kyta made this for me. I’ll add more to this later with the latest news. <3 adding 2 more pictures, update more later:

In response

From the comments on this post: Fat Nation and the Costs “From Jay Pee. Beloved, I will be the first to admit that I have an unexamined prejudice against the obese. I do not see tham as thinking, feeling human beings. I rarely make eye contact. I give them only perfunctory attention. When I ring […]

8 Years

I will not get sappy here, my mind is addled by all the medications I have been on in the past 12 days but, I could not let this day pass without mention.May the families and friends of those who were lost find a little more peace each day.

My Second Home…

I’m in the hospital, again. This time I came into the emergency room on August 31st. As soon as I was in a room in the emergency department the doctor told me I was being admitted. My stomach was covered with a pretty bad case of cellulitis and only IV antibiotics were going to be […]