Left to right: Linwood, Tracey, Tony, Danny, Me at Waynesboro Moose Lodge celebrating Tracey and my birthday. I just want to say: I’m 35 and old enough to be voted president!  Suzy Smith 2012.

Quick one….

I don’t want to whine tomorrow, which is my birthday.  I have a few minutes left to whine tonight.  I am tired of this stupid lymphedema in my legs, having to wear hot ass compression wrappings and dealing with the stupid compression machine. All of this is due to having renal cell carcinoma. Fucking cancer […]

A day…

Today is one of my very best, in fact, my best female friend’s birthday.  She is 40 today. Happy Birthday Tracey!  No matter how old I look (or looked) I’m still 5 years, 1 week younger than you. Yep, one week until I turn 35.  Turning 35 is odd, when I turned 30 I was […]

New Computer

My poor old laptop took a final dump last week.

It is spelled…

I have  huge pet peeve.  That is the constant incorrect spelling of the word “y’all.” Y’all is a contraction of you all, therefore the apostrophe is after they y.  That is all.