Yes, I fucked up National Blog Posting Month but, I have been working on NaNoWriMo and my brain hurts. I started this novel on November first, unfortunately, I have been reading a series of books, throughout. My brain tried to intertwine the two so I had to whomp out all the bits that do not […]

Moving on

Busy week. I’ve been working on learning my new cellphone better (Pantech Jest yay for free phones) and starting to par down some of our stuff. I have to get rid of things because we found a house! It is a rental, not a buyer, as we do not want to take on the purchase […]

It gets better

I was talking to a few new kidney cancer survivors recently, mainly about how the diagnosis, and subsequent surgery and treatments change your entire life. They do, I’m not going to lie to anyone about it. A diagnosis of cancer, no matter what stage, no matter what type, is life changing. For the rest of […]


It looks like we have found a new place. A small white house not far from here, so, we remain close to the family. I’m very excited and ready to move. Other than the fact that I have to pack, and I hate packing. In other news, NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are my two writing projects […]

Pumpkins 2010!

[img][/img] Cat by Moonlight and Vampire Kitty (two of my entries for the Razor Sharp Kittens contest. Pretty Poison, PatchMaster, Bat. These are 3/4 of the foamies. I will have better pics of these soon, as by the time we got around to taking pics their glow sticks were almost dead. Pretty Poison and Happy […]