Daily Archives: February 1, 2011


I should have been born a gay man. Yes, I should have been. Now, hear me out, open your mind. I have been told this before, so, let me make the case for you.

I love all things musical. Anything you can imagine, I love about it. The silly, the camp, the wonderfulness of breaking into song for no damn good reason. The costumes, the staging, all of it. In fact, to as a sub-point to this point, my favorite musical is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” I can sing every lyric to you, a capella, right now. One of my eventual planned tattoos is Hedwig’s Tattoo from the movie version during “Origin of Love.” Hedwig divided and full face tattoo

I love all things camp. Tiki items, martini glass lamps, pink flamingos (yes, I want some. desperately) are all things I adore. Beside me I have the silliest lamp ever, it is short, and has tattoo flash designs on it. Camp. A million more things I could go into, but, you get the idea.

I adore all things Drag. Right now, I am watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Love it. I always have loved Drag Queens and Drag Kings. There is something about gender bending and taking the extremes of your opposite gender that I like. Were I a man I would be a Drag Queen, hell, I am as close as you can come to a female Drag Queen in some ways, see my love of pink hair, all things glitter, girly clothes.

I tend to be domineering in a “manly” way. Or so I have been told many times over the years. I say I’m just being me, but, you know women aren’t supposed to be in charge.

My favorite club ever was a gay bar named Merriman’s in Fredericksburg, VA. Tiny, cramped, dark, loud music, hot bartenders, fantastically strong drinks, and a roomful of men who weren’t after a piece of female ass? What more can you ask for?

I love men. Men, men, men. Love them. And, after all isn’t that the main thing I have in common with gay men?

Have a good one,

(disclaimer: yes, I know these are not really what all gay men like, or are like, this is just my observation of things and well, what I have been told by a lot of people, gay, straight and bi over the years.)