Whirling dervish

I am flying around, tomorrow starts dart tournament weekend here. DTW is the weekend, every year, that my Dad hosts his Moose tournament and people from all over come to shoot darts, drink (a lot) and see friends that they don’t see all that often. While, I don’t actually shoot darts, as I suck, I […]

February 28th

I did something today that I never thought I would do. My friend, Jenny, was going to the trailer she owned with Michael to clean out a bunch of things today as she is selling it. This was the place where Michael died, and the first time I had been there since his death. Walking […]

The Movies

We took Tre, Charlie, and Timmy to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Holy cow, 3D movies are expensive. Three adult tickets, two child tickets were $64 and that was before popcorn and drinks. That is just ridiculous and reminds me of why we do not go to the movies often. I do […]

My Laundry Soap Recipe

I know most people just buy their laundry detergent, but after looking around for a bunch of recipes, and trial and error on my own, I came up with my own, easy to make, cheap, good laundry detergent. Ingredients: Soap, I use either FelsNaptha or Zote. Both can be found in the laundry aisle at […]

Too much to do.

Life is so busy here that my house is a wreck. I have so much work to do in here, and a leg that will not cooperate. I have been on the search for new dresses and skirts, as pants just aren’t working for my leg very well anymore. Unfortunately, the company I normally buy […]