I grew up poor. My parents had me when they were very young. Mom was 16 when she got pregnant with me, Daddy was 20. She got pregnant on purpose so that my grandparents would sign for her to get married. They were married October 26th 1974, Mom turned 17 on November 15th, Daddy turned […]

Just posted….

I just posted this comment on XOJane.com and I wanted to post it here, for me to return to, so I don’t forget how lucky I am. My husband (of almost 14 years, together 16 next month) has cleaned up my vomit, my shit, anything you can imagine when I was extremely ill. I had […]

I was…

I was heading to bed. Really, I was lying down, but the pain in my shoulder is just too much. I have been having pain in my shoulder blade for a couple weeks. Bad pain, that is not treated by my normal pain medications. Of course, the first thing my brain goes to is thinking […]