12 good things for 12

1. A husband who deals with all that is wrong with me. 2. Great friends who have become closer this year. 3. A job that I love and that is what I have always wanted to do. 4. An Ohio convention full of amazing people. 5. The ability to wake up every day. 6. No […]

Football in the DC area

I am not a football fan. If pushed, I’ll root for the Ravens as Torrey Smith is from my hometown, and I went to high school with his Mom. Other than that, I really do not watch football. The fans on Facebook tonight are reinforcing my reasons for not watching it. Yes, the Redskins won. […]

Young and old

Youngest in the family. Hailey, 10 months in her Daddy’s lap Oldest, Granny celebrating her 88th Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Happy Tuesday to those who do not. I am done wrapping, will bake more for New Year’s and I am ready to finally sleep prior to the day long marathon of family. May you and your’s family have a lovely day.

Friday before Christmas

I was having a rough day, physically, as it started very early and I had a lot to do. Running here, there, everywhere. I had to take the husband to work, come back to the beach, to cover a story, go to Fredericksburg to the doctor, make a couple of other stops. By the time […]