Daily Archives: December 15, 2012

Saturday Comedy Night

Tonight is the monthly comedy night at Riverboat on the Potomac. My little town, thanks to the amazing Irwin Loring, gets some nationally known comedians once a month. Tonight we get Adam Dodd, who has been on tour all year with two other comedians.

We’re lucky as this is a town of 3500, but we really do get some great comedians. My absolute favorite is Mike Eagan. In fact, if you ask him I am the president of his Tidewater Virginia/Southern Maryland fan club (the one that doesn’t actually exist, but, I am still president damn it.)

Next month, over in Southern Maryland Jackie “the joke man” Marling is doing a show with Irwin’s company, too. Mike Winslow (of Police Academy fame) did a couple shows for him last month. It really is amazing how you can see national comedians close to home if you have a great comedy group, and comedy group manager, who brings them around. I’m off with my husband and I will be taking pictures to share. Especially of Adam’s opening song as seeing him look scared at the fat woman while he sings his opening song is hilarious.

Have a great Saturday night.