Daily Archives: December 31, 2012

12 good things for 12

1. A husband who deals with all that is wrong with me.
2. Great friends who have become closer this year.
3. A job that I love and that is what I have always wanted to do.
4. An Ohio convention full of amazing people.
5. The ability to wake up every day.
6. No advancement of my cancer this year.
7. Family whom I love.
8. The newest baby, Hailey.
9. Learning to believe in myself.
10. Books. all the books. Reading is still amazing to me.
11. All the helpful people in the world.
12. The people who read here year after year.

Football in the DC area

I am not a football fan. If pushed, I’ll root for the Ravens as Torrey Smith is from my hometown, and I went to high school with his Mom. Other than that, I really do not watch football.

The fans on Facebook tonight are reinforcing my reasons for not watching it. Yes, the Redskins won. Good for them, they scored more points running a ball back and forth. Now, the team won. Not you. You personally did not carry a football across the end zone, or kick it through the goal posts. The players did that.

Second reason. It is just hours away from 2013 and we still have a team named the Redskins. Their logo is an Native American man’s head. 2013, y’all, and we still not only have this, but people buy a multitude of Redskins logo items to adorn their cars, their homes and their bodies.

Another reason is the need for Redskins’ fans to call Tony Romo, Homo Romo. yes, it rhymes, good for you. However, using “homo” as an insult makes you homophobic and someone I don’t want as a friend. Find other things to call him if you must insult him. Insult the fact that he seemed to be playing for the other team tonight, according to what I am reading, that is. Insult the way he plays if you must insult anything.

One more thing, calling the Cowboys the “Cowgirls” is misogynistic. If you are using the word girl to insult boys, you are making it seem that girls aren’t as good as boys. Do you really think that? Are boys better than girls? If you don’t think that, don’t use it. If you do think that, kindly defriend me on Facebook. Every time I read that all I can think of are my four nieces seeing that, they range from 10 months to 18 years of age. Not a one of them is any lesser than my nine nephews. You who use the insult “cowgirls” are helping to keep society thinking of women and girls as lesser though.

Finally, HTTR (Hail to the Redskins for those who aren’t DC natives) is annoying as a status. We get it, you’re happy. Seeing HTTR in hundreds of statuses just makes me want to scream. And to actually watch football so I can root for whomever is playing against the Redskins.

A footnote, I may dislike the Redskins even more solely because we hear about them 24/7, 365 in this area. I am not joking, every single newscast, all year long, has to say something about them. I don’t care, please tell us some real news? Please? I beg of you.