Stupid white stuff.

Our first snowfall of the year happened over night last night. 3-4 inches yesterday of really fluffy light snow covering every thing. There is more expected later today. I hate this crap. Really, I am one of those people who absolutely despises snow. I wasn’t always this way, and in fact, snow is still beautiful […]


I do not sleep Sunday nights anymore. In fact, I haven’t for about 14 months or so. You see in November of 2011 I started freelancing for the local weekly newspaper. Deadline is Monday morning at 10 AM. Of course, being a typical writer type person, well, that means I am working until Monday morning. […]


First, before I forget,there is now a Facebook page for After so many years, and notify lists no longer being a thing,it seemed like the right thing to do. So, like the page for me, please? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The conversations I have had about gun control and the executive orders possible legislation have been very […]

Security Theater.

Once again we,the American people are being treated like morons.President Obama* introduced a myriad of things today he hopes to enact to stop gun violence. Now, I will say that we definitely need to figure out why our young men feel the need to shoot one another, school children, and captive theater audiences. Obviously, something […]

I’m struggling.

It is almost 6 AM on Sunday morning and I haven’t slept at all. Tony’s 39th (really, his 39th) birthday was Friday and the weekend has been a whirlwind of cooking and baking and friends, on top of a broken down car. I overdid things the last couple days, but when Tony was so happy […]