Daily Archives: November 13, 2013


Today was a good day, overall. I had a wound are appointment*, hit Target and Joann’s fabric**, then home.

When, I first hit the door the bitter cold smacked me in my face. It is only November, in Virginia, this much cold is not normal. Hell, I haven’t found my winter jacket, yet. I know it is in the house, I just haven’t figured out where in the house.

Off my gimpy ass toddled, wrapped in a sweater and shivering. Also, whining, a lot.

Eventually, I made myself stop, take a moment and remember that things aren’t that bad. Yes, I was cold, however, I had a house to come home to. A heater to warm my feet, a blanket to cover my lap. I had food to make dinner for my husband and me.

I have a car, which although it has 300,000 miles on it, runs enough to get me around locally. I have both legs still, even after it was threatened by a doctor last year.

My remaining kidney is in good condition. While, I have nodules in my lung, other than that the cancer seems to be under control.

My other health issues are mostly under containment. The only other big issue, that isn’t responding to treatment, seems to by my thyroid issue. My thyroid decided to take a dump a few years ago.

I gained (more) weight, I lost a lot of hair, I was exhausted 24/7, my skin was as dry as tissue paper. I went on Synthroid, got better for a few years and now, well, the symptoms are all back. Yesterday, my hair’s thinness became apparent to me when I saw a picture of me.

It is scary to see how poorly it looks, again. This means it is time to cut it all off again and go back to the doctor to get my meds adjusted.

However, as I said, overall, today my brain came back together, the pity party went away, and marched on.

I’m counting that as a win. Regardless of everything else.

A day where my attitude falls back into line is a good one.

Have a great Wednesday,
Suzy Smith

*I have wounds from my lyphedema, that cannot heal on their own. I almost had them healed until we changed the protocol. Now, we’re trying the old one, again.

**With winter coming, and a not very well insulated home, I bought fleece to make curtains for the living room. They will be boring and ugly, but anything to help keep the heat in, and cold out.