There is beauty even in winter

Scenes from a Saturday with Charlie

  Charlie rides Frank at Winterfest in Colonial Beach, Virginia.                         Charlie and the other pony.                                         Sweet kisses from a sweet boy.     […]

Throwback Thursday

Majorettes Cheating today, because well, have a meeting tonight. I’m the tallest one (ha, that lasted until I was 12.) I was eight, Mary was five, Katie was three. We belonged to the Westmoreland Legionnares Majorette and Drum Corps. Happy Thursday

Hohoho and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls.

I watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” tonight. Most years I watch it, in fact there are very few years I have missed it, if any. When, I was younger it was a reaffirmation of my faith at the end. When Linus tells the Christmas story, it cheered me. Now, at 38 and without the faith […]

Holiday Spirit

For the first time in probably 25 years, I seem to have developed some holiday spirit. Bah humbug has not crossed my lips once, I haven’t turned off the TV in a fit of anger at all the cheer. In fact, I have already watched multiple Christmas movies-not just the good ones either. Why, yes, […]