Snoopy falling down on the job

Christmas up to my ears

Today was one of those days working for the paper. I’ll go a week and have very little to cover. Or a couple weeks with a couple decent stories. Then, a day like today. You see, I write for a small weekly paper. There aren’t many of us and we actually have a new (fresh […]


It’s late, close to midnight. I have had no time today to actually sit here and write. Too much going on, plus a migraine and an early, busy as hell, day tomorrow. I need a drink, but instead I’m drinking tea.   It will get better, life will slow down. It has to slow down […]

Jingle Bells

I had the privilege of covering the Colonial Beach Elementary School’s holiday concert tonight. Not only did I get to watch all sorts of local kids look adorable, but got to see three of my niblings be entirely too cute. It brought me to memories of my little sister in a turtleneck and tights, carrying […]

Day 2-Holidailies 2015

Nothing more from CVS Caremark today. I’ll call them tomorrow to force the issue, hopefully.   Today has just been long. I got a few things done. Some things put away, a few more boxes taken care of, a good dinner made. I didn’t get nearly enough done. I never do. On the average day, […]