Dinner with my niece

Well, I had a well thought out long post here and wordpress killed it. A quickie then as it is late and I have other things to do before I can sleep tonight. I had a nice dinner tonight with my niece.  She’s 16 and beautiful.   She is definitely a teenager, though. She’s in […]

Christmas in our house.

In August/September of 2015 we moved into a new home. A much larger home actually in town limits. It has been awesome. And it allowed me to do something I have always wanted to do-have multiple Christmas trees. This year we had the main, Star Wars decorated, my silver and gold one, a white one […]

2016 Resolutions

Two resolutions this year. Two One: I will do more personal writing. I will write here more. I will write as much as I can. My brain will write more than work writing. There will be more than news articles, interviews, and other non-paper, but work writing. Even if it is just one paragraph a […]

Two Years to the Day

Two years ago today, this is the scene I spent hours photographing. Luckily, my work has improved since then, however, I did win a 2014 Virginia Press Association Award for Best Breaking News photo in a non-daily paper for one of my shots.   Having said that, this was the final straw that broke the […]


Grief weighs on you. Right now my grief feels like two elephants are sitting on my shoulders. I have cried a lot today over a man I had only known a couple of years, but who had become my friend. Gig was so amazing and so many people loved him that his Facebook page is […]