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Gig Michaels, singer, friend, all around amazing person.

Today, January 3rd, the world got a bit dimmer. Gig Michaels, lead singer of the band Swamp Da Wamp, passed away.

Gig wasn’t just an amazing singer, but a comedian, a smart ass, and just generally incredible person. He worked to help fight bullying between kids and had a fantastic song, “Fat Boy Can Jam” about his growing up with bullying and how he overcame that.

His star went out way too early as he, and SDW, were on the way up as a band.

I met Gig in 2014 when they performed at the first annual Colonial Beach Bike Fest. He and I became friends then.

He was good to talk to, awesome to photograph, and larger than life.

Rest in peace, Gig Michaels. You will be missed by so very many people.

(Photo taken during the 2nd Annual CB Bike Fest as they performed on the boardwalk stage. Do you see why I loved photographing him? Huge personality and very photogenic.)

Heavy man with long hair, black hat and a vest, with a microphone
Gig Michaels lead singer of Swamp Da Wamp at 2nd Annual CB BikeFest.


Tonight, the hubby and I are out playing Ingress.

Date night for the two of us consists of covering the rescue squad’s installation (nice ceremony, good awards, okay food,) and then hours of killing green portals.

I can handle that.

We are nerds and we so belong together.


I know that the change to a new year is just an arbitrary line in the sand, a mark of time passing that really means nothing.

Yet, I am hopeful that 2016 will be better than 2015 was for my family and me. A quick recap of the bad of 2015:

I got a serious infection/abscess in my leg. I ended up with massive surgery that has not healed yet. My lymphedema got markedly worse. A long hospital stay happened.

My Aunt Rosie had a major stroke. She is doing better, but not 100%.

My Aunt Sue died, a couple weeks later, her husband, Uncle Dan, my Daddy’s only brother, died from lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life.

I think I’m still processing all of that.

Granny went further and further into the Alzheimer’s. She is gone from us. The shell remains, but every bit of who made her my Granny is no longer there. I miss her.

Our landlords lost the house we were living in. We had to move. While, the new house is much better suited for us, it was still a pretty rough transition.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with stage four non small cell lung cancer Thanksgiving week.

I’m dealing with another plunge back into depression and my anxiety issues have worsened. However, I’m still fighting my way through it.

It’s been a rough year, as you can see.

There is good though.

I love our new house. I love loving in town.

Tony and I celebrated 17 years of marriage and 19 years as a couple.

My job is still fantastic.

The niblings have spent more time with us. That makes the move worthwhile as we actually have room for the kids to stay (our old house was 624 square feet. seriously tiny.)

It will be better. It will.  I have hope.

At least at the end of day one.