Body Acceptance

I got on the scale at the doctor’s yesterday and for the first time in my life, I really don’t care what it said. Seriously, I have tried to be body positive for years. I love my body. It carries around my mind, which is what makes me Suzy (or Susan or Suzika or Sue […]

Top of the World

I wished I was smarter I wished I was stronger I wished I loved Jesus The way my wife does I wish it had been easier Instead of any longer   Yesterday we drove to Virginia Beach, about 140 miles, each way, to see the Dixie Chicks MMXVI tour.  We bought tickets back in June, […]

Beauty in the World

Even with all of this going on, I realized that I am a lucky woman. I have a huge group of people supporting me through this journey. Eight years ago when I was originally diagnosed I had two awesome groups of people (beyond my local family and friends) who helped support me through my nephrectomy […]

Let’s do this.

(warning, possible swearing ahead. cancer content.)   I’ve spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself, not doing much of anything.   That’s done. I’m scared because cancer is scary and horrible and awful, but feeling sorry for myself is not going to make it go away.   Time to pull my ass up, get it […]

Fucking Cancer

I was originally diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, clear type, stage 1B in 2008. They found my first lung nodules a couple years ago and just watched them. It seems I have multiple lung nodules and a bunch of enlarged lymph nodes. We know what that means.  It sucks, it’s awful. I’m fucking scared. I […]