Okay, I missed Monday entirely. I’ll try to do two entries another day to make up, but Mondays are tough. You see, I procrastinate. Shocking, isn’t it? A writer that procrastinates. Mondays are deadline and well, I’m normally pushing that. In fact, pretty much every week I am. I try, but when you’re covering stuff […]

Day 4.

I just spent 6.5 hours at a Gospel Sing celebrating a group that has been together 18 years. No, lightning didn’t strike, nor did they turn me to their ways. I did enjoy the music as even if I don’t share their beliefs doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good voices and a great show.   […]

Day 3- Lighted Boat Parade

It’s late, I’m tired. Have some lighted boat pictures. Click on them to see them at their proper dimension/widths.

Day 2

I just got home from trivia with my best friend of, oh, 25 years or so, her Mother-in-Law that we all just call Mom or Momma V, Kyrstin, and her girlfriend, Christal. We only stayed through two rounds, but we won the second round with a perfect score! The fact that we were homeĀ  prior […]

Holidailies day one – 2016

The easiest day of Holidailies and I almost forgot to post. Okay, I didn’t forget, I’ve been busy. Researching stuff all day, a meeting this evening, then home to whine that I didn’t want anything we had to eat in the house, and now here I am. Welcome to Holidailies 2016. This is one of […]