Journalcon – part one

Friday August 20th –

We got a late start, we always do. There is no chance of Tony and I ever leaving the house on time. None, not even a tiny little bit of one.

So, about noon or so, we’re pulling out. The van is loaded with 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, 1 cooler, Tony and I. It’s fucking hot. 94 degrees as we’re leaving the Beach. Our van? Has no air conditioning. None, the fucker died last year not long after we bought it.

Now, those of you who I met are wondering why we didn’t get the hotel until 4PM when it should have taken us less than 2 hours? Well, we did have a couple stops to make but, really what it boils down to is Mapquest being the devil.

The directions started off fine, for the part we actually knew. We got to Maryland, up 301, to RT 5 with no problem. It was the next turn that fucked us up. We spent over an hour trying to figure out which fucking road we should actually be on.

By that point it was 98 degrees outside. We’ve been driving for 2.5 hours and should be at the hotel. I planned on lounge sitting to watch people come in. Little did we know that what should have been another 35-40 minutes would take us 1.5 more hours.

Fucking Mapquest sent us to the wrong part of DC. Now, imagine two people who live outside a little bitty town that just got its first traffic light a few years ago. Then through those two people into DC with the fucking street system from hell.

Not only were we in DC but, we were hot and tired by now, since neither of us had much sleep. Plus we were driving through some of the worst sections of the city looking like complete rubes. How we made it to the Helix without being mugged, robbed, or just pointed and laughed at is beyond me.

Eventually we lucked out and ran into a road that we had on our directions, and then in the distance a sparkling jewel appeared. Shining for all to see its wonder. The damn road sign that said “Rhode Island.” I almost peed I was so damn happy.

We pulled in and Tony went to check us in. No problems other than we were supposed to have a King bed and didn’t. He wheeled me inside to the Lounge and I just sat there in the midst of a panic attack.

Y’all, I was freaking out. Then Pineapple approached me. Now, I’m hot, sweaty, covered in half a bottle of water as I was so hot I had to do something. My hair is a mess and I’m trying not to hyperventilate. Pineapple made me feel comfortable, introduced me to a few other people (whom I squeaked hello to, I was really nervous and contrary to how I acted, scared to death) then helped me go register.

Once I was registered, I talked to Kalamity and booger for a few and slowly but surely, more and more people came up to me.

You know what, on with the squee, after that’s done I’ll write the long detailed thingy out.

Angeline is cute and funny and makes pretty heart magnets. And she rode a long way with Molly Tenyu to get to Journalcon. Angeline also makes the best purses. She made a kick ass one for Mo, that had it not said MoPie on it, would have come home with me. Molly is brash and outspoken and for some reason small children latch onto her.

Sassy has the best socks and lighter ever. Plus, she’s sweet and nice and can way get her drink on.

Mo, what can I say about Mo that no one else has. Hmm, she’s just wonderful and rocked as a panel moderator. And she has two parakeets that will peck your eyes out.

Weetabix is the round, curvy sex goddess she claims to be. She dresses so cute and is so smart and funny. Weet also told me the real name of the Hoochie Mama store as, I so need a pink purse like hers. She kicks ass as a fellow panelist.

TranceJen. I don’t even know where to begin. Smart with a raary voice. And she can party like no one else. If you see the picture of us on her page, I was the one about to vomit which is why I was looking like that. Sitting in front of a roomful of people is scary.

Coleend is beautful inside and out. I want her to live here so, I can see her all the time. She is intelligent, friendly and just a wonderful person.

KarenD has to be the friendliest woman on the planet. Always smiling, always offering help and she had the cutest swag. Quilted magnets that she made herself. KarenD also introduced us to Ethiopian food which I am now in love with.

Chickie is Mom to a beautiful little girl. On top of that she is a lawyer, and smart, and cute, and funny and I want her to live here.

Pineapple rocks. She introduced herself to me immediately and helped me to dive right into things.

Pratt of Blog of Pratt, hee. Cute and funny and lover of bunnies. I have one of his CDs and you don’t.

Minarae is just beautiful and smiley and nice and wonderful and I wish I would have been able to spend more time with her. She picked on me at the opening session and got me past my initial nerves of actually speaking aloud. Go to her site and help her save the boobies!

Columbine. Now, I didn’t get to talk to him much but he spoke on one panel and was at the lunch with the other Suspects. Smart as a whip and hot as hell, as well. His wife? Cute as the dickens, even though I don’t think I spoke two words to her.

LisaNH Another person I talked to for only a few minutes. I really like Lisa. She was on the panel with Columbine and Kythryne. It was great and open and they served wine.

Erin. I’ve been reading Erin forever then lost her link. I refound her through the JournalCon site and I’m so glad. Her and Whitney (they’re sisters) are so nice and did a great job with the parenting panel.

Whitney Hey, what can I say, she’s sweet and wellspoken and has the cutest nickname for her child.

Kiffer I can not find her link but, she is just bubbly. We got to the 3WA dinner late and she welcomed us right in.

Lucy Rhombus has a smile that will just knock you over. And a wonderful book that I won at her panel.

Juliekins is hot. Oh, she tries to hide it online but, she just sizzles. Plus she is smart and funny and grabbed her boobs at dinner.

lisarock. Holy shit, if you have never met her you must. She fucking rules.

cosmiccrayola. A wonderful woman who is forever on my links list, now.

bozoette Smart, funny, great writer, she has a book out, go to her site and buy it.




The above three, the committee. I didn’t get to talk to any of them for too long but, the time I did was great. Overworked but, always smiling.

kismet is pretty and tall and so nice. And she eats scary raw meat.

Meg has cool fucking hair and the sweetest voice. Plus she makes doggie treats that my big dog loves.

Kat is beyond gorgeous. Everytime I saw her she was nice as hell and always had something to say. You all should read her.

Chiara. Okay, Chiara did a read at the invited readings that was so well done and funny, she needs to come here and read me bedtime stories. Except I would be too enthralled to sleep.

Stef has a secret wild woman side that she hides well online. I love her. Her hair is so long and pretty that it makes me want it.

Amandapage has a great accent and was incredibly nice. Although she did try to poison me with a Musk Stick. Just remember TimTams=good Muskanything=evil.

And, I know I left people out but, damn there were a lot of us. I can already think of a few (like Jessi) but, I will have more to say later. Now, onto the pictures. There are 7 pages of them. I have more somewhere but, I need to upload this before I am beat to death by Nance.

Also, I have pens and stickers left. If you want one, email me and I will send them to you.

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