This morning when I finally drifted off to sleep after a night that topped off a couple months of severe depression with a defeat of the Democratic party in all corners, I pulled the blanket up over my head and vowed to sleep for days, if not the next four years. But, that is enough about the election for today, I’ll do a postmortem another day.

I thought today would continue with the depression over the state of my country and the world, along with my own personal selfpity issues due to my stupid leg and back.

Little did I know how much my entire world was to turn around by late afternoon/early evening. I spent the day as I tend to when I don’t have one of the kids, in the back of the house with my fan on. On a normal day, I can’t hear squat that goes on in the house when I’m back here. Right now, I have ear infections (from water in my ears, which is another thing I’ll explain later) I can’t hear a damn thing.

So, I was clueless until Tony got home from school. He walked me to the front porch and showed me a giant box. One marked fragile, this end up, that had the words “Freedom Mobility” in bold letters across one side.

Okay, now I know what Freedom Mobility is, but, had no clue of why there was a box on the porch. I figured that it was a box someone from the family had picked up to use for storage or for a move as family members moving about has been happening a lot lately.

Then, he opened the box. And in it said an electric scooter. A candle apple red, electric scooter. Now, I know we didn’t have the money for something like that and wouldn’t for years.

Tony began pulling the parts out of the box, explaining to me that my secret pal for October from ThreeWayAction and various members of the board had gotten together and made this happen. I’m in shock by now. There is no way this is happening, this has to be a dream.

He pulled out the instructions, started showing me the features and I burst into tears. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I blubbered all over myself. I mean big time.

The thoughts that began racing through my head. I can expand my job search. (yes, a serious job search, anyone in VA hiring? I’m multiskilled) I can go places, independently. I can friggin’ go to the mall and just look around. I can ‘walk’ down the boardwalk.

I can keep up with my niece and nephews outside. I can work! (a little excited about that, can you tell?)

I’m getting a huge part of my life back, all through the kindness of a group of people who I know mainly through the internet.

(Okay, I’m blubbering again, and I really need to lie down, I’ll will finish this later, I promise.)

Hours later, after Tony has gotten off the computer, as he had school work to do:

Many people tell us we are fooling ourselves by calling those we meet online, friends. They are wrong. I have a board full of friends and one particular one who thought of this (who Tony won’t reveal, as he wants her to do it), and organized it all, in the members of ThreeWayAction.

I’m without the words to express how incredibly grateful I am to my friends of that community. If you were all here I would give you giant hugs. You all truly saved my life with this. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you all, or the world at large for this kindness.

I’m overwhelmed, I’m overjoyed. I’m so happy I could burst. I have mobility, again. I will have a life again outside these four walls. I will be able to go back to fulltime employment without worry of furthering my disability.

Thank you all for this, again and again, a million thank yous. I love you all from the bottom of my now mobile heart.


PS. Pictures will be coming. I wouldn’t let Tony take pictures of me blubbering all over myself of in my uniform of white wifebeater and black house shorts. Thank you so very much.