At the library….

How sad is it that I have no access at home and you get a post 2 days in a row? I’m such a slack ass. Actually, I’m spending the last few minutes I have online before closing to post here, as it will probably be next week before I’m near the internet again.

I’m working on a redesign at home to fill time as I’m used to having journals and blogs to read in the evenings while the rest of the family watches tv. It’s will probably never see the light of day as I normally on redesign this on the anniversary of this journal. I do have a new design for that is going well, a few tweaks here and there and once I’m online at home again it will go live. Don’t look for it anytime soon.

I’ve just written and erased a dozen paragraphs as I don’t know what to even say with all of this going on here. I’m alive, the notify gets the good stuff.

Thanks for reading.