Things I’m grateful for (a list in progress)

1. My husband.

2. My parents.

3. Tony’s parents.

3. My nieces, both blood related and not.

4. My nephews, both blood related and not.

5. My nephew who is due February 3rd.

6. My Granny.

7. 2 sisters.

8. 1 brother.

9. My sister-in-laws, one by my marriage, one by love.

10. My friends at who have made my life better.

11. My health, even with my annual holiday illness.

12. A roof over my head.

13. Food in my stomach.

14. My friends, near and far, even those I haven’t heard from in awhile.

15. My car, old and beat down, but it is paid for.

16. The way Tre says “love you.”

17. How Kyrsie calls me, Aunt Pooh.

18. How Timmy hugs me tight around the neck.

19. The way Lexi says Aunt Suzy, so solemn and so sweet.

20. Kisses on my forehead.

21. Help cutting potatoes.

22. Handholding.

23. 6 years of marriage.

24. Tony brushing my hair.

25. Sleep talking whispered “I Love Yous”.

26. Hugs.

27. Baby kisses.

28. Tre blowing bye-bye kisses.

29. Kyrsie telling me stories.

30. Tony bringing me a drink and only whining a little.

31. Laughter.

32. The way my Dad remembers every joke you’ve ever played on him. And vows to get you back (and he will, he still owes me for a water episode of 7 years ago. About every 6 months he reminds me that he will get me.)

33. How I can sit here for a little while instead of cooking. Not that I’m done, just on hold.

34. Hamburgers.

35. Fall.

36. Candles.

37. Campfires.

38. Camping.

39. Trips to Williamsburg.

40. The way Tony’s hair curls up when it is humid.

41. My comforter on cold nights.

42. Heck, my husband on cold nights.

43. Anonymous people who help me out.

44. My wedding ring.

45. How wonderful stale Peeps taste.

46. Chocolate.

47. Sleeping next to the love of my life.

48. Naps on the couch with a baby in my arms.

49. Books.