I know, I know. I thought I would have computer access this week, but I haven’t. Tony and I are off enjoying our Christmas gift from his parents, a week at their time share in Williamsburg, VA and I have been offline. Not, that I haven’t been writing, in fact when I’m home again, I’ll have pages and pages of content for you all. More Suzy than anyone would want as a matter a fact.

And, I’m updating through Blogger, just until I am home as I can’t exactly ftp an entry up to my site since they have this weird ass filtering software on here. Put it this way, Kymm’s site is blocked. Kymm?!? As if she really is someone who should be blocked. I mean come on, my site isn’t and I certainly swear a lot more than she does. Pah, Pandafilter you suck the balls.

As for this week, it has been bliss. Other than worrying about my Mom. A few months ago her doctor convinced her that gastric bypass surgery would cure all her ills and everything that has ever been wrong in the world. Well, today was the day. We found out just a couple of weeks ago of the date, this trip had already been set, and really we’re only 100 miles from home. She had the surgery today and is in her room, recovering fine. I’m not pleased about it, but any of you all who read FatBottomedGirlsdotNet know my thoughts about weight loss surgery and how doctors push it. I’m grateful she came through the surgery fine even when I’m wishing she never did it in the first place.

I’ve lazed about, caught up on my magazine reading, read a book or two and really just been a giant sloth this week. I plan on remaining that way until we leave on Sunday to go home. I might drag myself out to ride around Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow, if it isn’t as cold.

If it is still as cold, the furthest I will be dragging myself is over here to the recreation center to make another long, drug out post about nothing much, really. Or maybe dipping my chubby toes into the water of the indoor pool. We’ll see.

Have a great week.

Suzy Smith