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We’re home, well let me rephrase that, I’m home. Yes, a few days late, without my husband. I have entries in the works for the past 10 days, that I’ll post one at a time along with regular daily entries.

Now, where Tony is, on our way home from Williamsburg on the 19th, we stopped by Tony’s parents to see them and thank them. Tony’s Mom has been sick, in fact she has pneumonia and has been on medication for it. She seems to be slowly getting better. Tony’s Dad has been fighting a cold, or so we thought.

On Sunday evening, late, we started home. Unfortunately, or fortunately, in the end, it had started to snow and was windy as hell. We made it about a mile before realizing how horrible visibility was and we still had another 59 miles to go.

Around we turned and headed back to their house. Monday morning, Tony’s Dad was getting worse, he had a doctor’s appointment later in the day, so we stuck around so Tony could drive him. An hour and 45 minutes later we got a call that they had called an ambulance and were taking him to the hospital. Tony came back to the house got his Mom and I stayed with Timmy (Tony’s nephew) while they went off.

Tony’s Dad was admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia. His oxygen saturation rate was low, even on oxygen. He’s still there and will be for who knows how long. They did chest xrays Monday and it was definitely, at least pneumonia. After they reviewed the films further they saw something suspiscious.

Which brings us to now, they’re doing a scan tomorrow to see if they can view the suspiscious area better. Tony’s sister is on her way (as I write this) from the airport in Baltimore (which is 4 hours from Tony’s parents house, she’s spending more time driving than flying.)

The doctors wouldn’t say what they think it is, and were all praying for the best that it is just the fluid sitting oddly. I don’t have much else to say tonight, it’s 3AM, I have some unpacking to do before I can sleep and a busy couple of days ahead.

Actually, I do have some more to say, Mom had her surgery, she’s doing well. I’ve only talked to her a couple of times since it was done, obviously she’s down for the count on Christmas for the family. Which, means it is my deal.

And to think less than a month ago I was grateful about everyones’ health. Yeah, I’m pretty much done with jinxing the family.