Last weekend was the fourth annual Colonial Beach Classic Dart tournament here at the Moose Lodge. Daddy is in charge of it, hell, the founder of it, and the entire family is at the Lodge for the weekend.

Now, everyone except Tony and I shoot darts, so they are here and there, shooting. We bartend. All weekend, as in from morning to late night. It is good money for the weekend, so well worth the time. The only problem is how small the bar area is. On Friday night, Mary, Tony and I were back there and it is just crowded. And poor Mary had on brand new shoes. Yeah, ouch.

Friday night was busy as hell. We got over there at 4:30 or so, and people were already piling in. Even though nothing started until 7:00. Now, dart shooters are drinkers. Big time drinkers. And we had more than 130 people in there. Beer and beer, mixed drinks to beat the band. It’s amazing how much alcohol we go through in one weekend of a tournament. I know I’m still recovering from it as I’m sure Tony and everyone else is.

Saturday morning always starts extremely early. We went to bed around 4 AM and were back to the Lodge by a few minutes after 7. Before we had even gotten our cash drawers, people were ordering beer, y’all. Just after 7AM and beer.

The onslaught continued until after midnight when we shut down the bar, restocked and staggered home. Sunday was more of the same, only we got to see the nephews. And, boy did Tre put on a show.

Now, I’ve told y’all about Tre’s incessant dancing. Well, his Papa played his favorite song Big and Rich’s “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and he danced.

On the table, y’all. Look, I have proof:

My Mom is on the left in orange. She had Gastric Bypass Surgery in December and has lost about 70 pounds so far, Tre’s Mom, Lori, is on the right.

I told y’all he table dances and bounces and giggles. Tre dances to the beat of his own drummer, the drummer just happens to be on crack.

And just for the Moose people, Tre table dancing, with a moose hat on.

Have a great day.

Suzy Smith