Fifth Anniversary

Today, this journal is five years old. And, I still blame Dr. Scott and Mo. Normally, I look back on the past five years, instead I want to look forward:

Five years from now:

I want to be back in school, or have been back for a couple of years. I want a degree, not just a certification.

I want to be working on adopting a child, probably from overseas.

I want a small house all my own.

I’ll be on the verge of 35, instead of 30.

I want to have traveled more.

I want to spend time with my family but, not all my time.

I hope to have met more friends that I know only by words on a screen.

My hair will be past my waist, as I’m growing it until it refuses to grow any longer.

I will have more tattoos and piercings.

I will have fewer doubts about everything.

I will still be here, writing, sporadically at times, nonstop at others. Haunting the internet as only I can.

Thanks for spending the last five years of my life with me, I hope you all spend the next five, as well.

Suzy Smith

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