2 days in a row? Don’t get used to it.

I’ve been awake for over an hour and I’ve only had 1.5 hours sleep, blame Tre if this is disjointed.

Last night, about 1 AM, I shut down the computer, turned off the light, got ready for bed and heard “knock, knock, knock…. Love you.” I swung open the bedroom door and in came my darling little nephew.

Cute, okay, I’ll hold him, rock him back to sleep then put him back to bed, I thought. He cuddled into me, I rocked him.

And rocked.

And rocked.

And rocked.

Until he got tired of it, got out of my lap and said “Mama.” Okay, cool, I’ll take him back to her and settle him in. No problem. I changed his bottom, kissed him on the top of his little blonde head and laid him down.

I gimped back up the hall, into the room, changed my top, as he had snotted all over my shirt during the rocking. I sat on the bed and again “Knock, knock, knock… Love you.”

Okay, still cute, Tony wasn’t home, climb into bed with me, kiddo. So, he did. And he cuddled and we snuggled and he twiddled my rings. (Tre has this thing where, as he’s falling asleep he likes to play with a ring on someone’s hand.) He would not close his eyes.

And, he didn’t. He did his normally /drop the bottle, roll onto my belly, good night/ thing but, instead, he wrapped his little arms around my head, pull me towards him, kissed me and again declared “Love you.”

Yes, heart melting, my God, you’re such a beautiful child, I adore you, type thing. Except by now, it’s 4:30 in the morning. And by 7 AM, I have you and your little brother.

I beg, I plead, I cuddle, he is not going to sleep. At almost 5 AM, I finally passed him off to someone else, smashed face first into my pillows and zonked. As you all can see it is 8AM, I’ve been awake more than an hour after going to sleep at 5. Yeah, not a good day, even if I am watching two of the cutest (the third is with his Uncle Tony) boys on the planet.

But, I posted two days in a row.