You got questions, I have answers….

Okay, the main question: Move? What? Where?

I moved in January to an even more rural area, out in the middle of nowhere, Heathsville. It’s a village, it’s tiny, it is far away from everything. But, I’m here for now.

What am I doing?

Same thing, at home, writing, watching too much reality television, playing Kingdom of Loathing, reading a lot, getting geared up for summer and my birthday.

What color is your hair now?

This one made me giggle, it’s burgundy, with roots showing, right now, actually. And, in the roots, I see a few more greys, I will be dyeing it prior to going away for my birthday. (Hopewell, here I come, watch out, I’m not working the tournament.)

Expanding upon that a bit, on the 21st (woohoo, the day) I’m going to the Moose International Dart Tournament. Now, the vast majority of dart tournaments I go to, I’m working. Not this one, although my Dad is in charge of it. I will be drinking and celebrating my 31st birthday.

I will make an ass of myself, with that there is no doubt as my entire family will be there. And, as I said, I’m not working it.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Why haven’t I updated much this past year?

There has been a lot going on with various members of my family. Things that are not my story, so I didn’t feel I could write about them. Things are settling down now and I can focus elsewhere so I can write more freely, again. I almost started a password protected site to write about these other issues but, I wasn’t comfortable even doing that, as you all know how well passwords stay with those they are given to.

How’s your Mom?

Mom is doing fabulous. As y’all know she had a gastric bypass in December of 2004. She has lost a lot of weight, and is doing wonderfully with it. I am very pleased. I still worry about her, in fact a bit more, as she was diagnosed with hemachromitosis, this past year.

But, she is much thinner now, and much happier, which is what matters. She also quit smoking sometime before her surgery, and has not picked a cigarette back up. I’m very proud of her.

How’s your Dad?

Good, although, he quit smoking and picked it back up. I know I mentioned it last year, but he was diagnosed with macular degeneration in his left eye. He has very little sight left in it. He tends to keep things to himself so I’m not sure how he really feels about it. I just keep hoping, they’ll find a cure for it.

How are the kids?

Great, in a nutshell. They are all growing so fast, I need to get new pictures to put up here.

Tre’s my little spitfire, wild man, loves his music so much. He’s something else, and has to have a future in the music business.

Charlie’s a doll, a sweet, now 1 year old, who eats anything that gets in his path. He’s all over the place, and talking more than Tre or Kyrsie did at this age. In fact, his speech is way ahead of average, which for us is odd, since we’re used to kids who have speech delays.

Kyrsie is my girl. She’s 6.5 and in 1st grade, learning to deal with having to sit still and trying to. She’s got too much energy for the teacher’s and does much better one on one, than in a large setting. She’s growing up to be a beautiful girl.

Colson, is well, 10 days old today. And, I’m going to see him, I can not wait.

So, that’s the big ones, any other questions?