Where I’ve been…

I didn’t post here about beforehand but, figured I’d fill y’all in, now. I had to have a hysteroscopy and D&C biopsy yesterday.

Everything looks structural normal, only one polyp was found, they peforated my uterus in one spot, but that’ll heal. I’ll have the biopsy results back in a couple of weeks. That was the biggest reason for the surgery, as they are testing me for uterine and cervical cancer.

I’m still scared about the results but, I made it through the surgery and the anesthesia which was a huge fear of mine. The doctors, nurses, etc were wonderful, explaining everything to me as they went along, all the way up to when they put me out.

When I came out of the anesthesia, I was in a lot of pain, so they shot me full of Toradol. And, it didn’t stop, so on came the morphine. I could have told them Toradol doesn’t work for me but, I was still so out of it, that wasn’t an option.

I’m home, now, on percocet and ibuprofen, in a lot of pain but, dealing. The worst part is my jawline from positioning me for the airway tube. My whole chin/jaw feels like I was hit with a sledgehammer.

And, I’m still really tired. But, now onto the next step, making it until I have the biopsy results back. 2 more weeks of not knowing. Plus, six weeks of restrictions, no heavy lifting, no baths, no swimming, no sex. Hmph, sounds like postbirth restrictions, only without the kid.

I’m gone.