I hate this. Tre and Krysie were here for the weekend and they just left. They weren’t even out of the driveway and tears were streaming down my face. I love my babies and I hate being so far from them. Tre’s over an hour from here now and Kyrsie lives two hours from here. They went from being part of every minute of my day to just a few minutes here and there.

And, it is not like they are the best behaved children on the planet, in fact, Kyrsie has behavior issues and they drive me nuts but, I adore these kids. I took a bunch of pictures of them before they left but, I can’t upload them until I find the damn cord to this camera. The cord disappeared in my move back in January. I have built in card readers on this machine but, it doesn’t act right and formatted the last pictures I tried to upload so I am not taking the chance with these.

That picture up there is Charlie, Kyrsie, Tre, and Colson in front, taken in May. Aren’t they precious? Can you see why I hate it when they leave? I’m going to have a pity party for myself now.

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