Tre Man

Tre amazes me sometimes. He’s 3 years old, a little skinny minny of a guy. Yesterday we baked snowman and chocolate chip cookies. You know those just place on a sheet and bake ones? Well, Mom had bought a pack of each of them, so we tried them.

From the time the snowman ones were cool enough to eat, Tre has been gnawing on them. He climbs up, gets one down for him, one for his brother, and a chocolate chip for me. So incredibly sweet.

Well, a few minutes ago, he came in here with a chocolate chip cookie, looked at me and said “Here you go, Pooh.” Of course, I told him to eat it. Then he looked up at me “I”ll share with you.” His little face screwed up as he concentrated and broke the cookie in half. He then looked at the two halves and gave me the larger one.

I smiled at him, thanked him, and rubbed his head to mess up his hair. I didn’t let Tre see my eyes tear up from the offer of that cookie. His blue eyes looking up at me, the complete sincerity of the offer on his face, and the just wonderfulness of this kid makes my heart swell.

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