I am so tired.

My recovery this time seems to be taking much more of a toll on me. I spent most of Christmas day asleep. And, I would be again, right now if it wasn’t so early.

I didn’t even mention what I found out Thursday at my doctor’s appointment. I am now officially diabetic. Fun, fun. Really though, it’s not a surprise. I have Polycystic ovarion syndrome, I’m fat, and we have a family history of diabetes. It pretty much was a forgone conclusion, now I just have to learn how to eat like a diabetic to get my blood sugar in check.

Plus worry about all the attendant issues but, first of all I have to get used to eating less carbs, more protein and salads. You know like I should have been doing with the PCOS anyway.

And, I really am done. I can’t concentrate and I hurt, time to lie down.

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