Tre’s asleep on my bed, he was watching Backyardigans, singing along, bopping his head, then whomp. The poor kid got overwhelmed by the need to sleep.

Charlie’s sound asleep in the other room. He’s as overwhelming tired as Tre is. You can hear little baby snores throughout the house. The snores are cute, although the reason they are both so tired is not so cute.

Of course they’re tired, they both were up late last night, then spent half the night, in my bed (both of them, at once) abusing me and not able to sleep. Which meant, I wasn’t asleep, which means, I’m utterly exhausted.

But, I’m not asleep, oh, no. I’m awake and whiny, while they snore. They’ll be awake soon, though as I refuse to have another late night with them. I want an early night, a long night, a full night of sleep, please.