Long Time Gone

Life is odd.

I’ve been writing but, not online. Or mainly not online, I wrote about 3 things elsewhere, which someday, I may share but, for now, there’s no point in it.

But, I’ve been writing. My mind has embraced so many things that have gone on and changed and just fucked up my life view. Things are getting better. Instead of massive amounts of “meh, fuck the world.” It is just minor amounts of that, well, except when it comes to the Bush administration but, that’s an entry for another day.

Life is good in so many ways, right now. The niece and nephews are wonderful, my husband is astounding, my parents are doing better, my siblings are doing well.

And my brain is so much better it is astounding. Yes, that has been a lot of it. Depression. Great big depression. The black hole I’ve mentioned on and off for years, is better. Wellbutrin is a lifesaver. Seriously, without it, I do not know where I would be.

It’s good. Man, even when I’m pissed and grumpy, as the heat tends to do to me. Even with a broken heel, carpal tunnel in both arms (you should see the wrist braces) and all that? I’m happier. Even the lows aren’t as low.

The saddest part is I didn’t realize I was depressed. No, seriously. I started Wellbutrin to quit smoking in September of last year. Within a couple months, even with some of the worst things in my life happening, the world looked better.

And, I have not picked a cigarette back up. 8 months, 1 week, and I haven’t even touched a cigarette. In fact, I can not stand the smell of cigarette smoke anymore.

Let’s see, what else have been missing since I last posted. Hmm, I turned 32 in April, in West Virginia, at a strip club. More about that later.

We’re buying a new, little tiny car from my sister, a Saturn slc2, I think? She late Tony use it for work and now we’re gonna buy it. Cute little car, funny as hell to see us 2 big people get out of it.

So, if I have any readers left, what do you want to know? Any questions? And you can email me at suzysmith at gmail.com to holler at me to write when I get pulled away.

Have a great day,
Suzy Smith