My first surgery is done. My right foot is now encased in a half-cast, dressings and ice. It hurts. It really fucking hurts but, it will get better. In fact, the whole reason I went through this surgery is so it won’t hurt every damn day.

I don’t think I’ve posted about it, actually. I broke my heel back in March and it never healed properly, plus I had some severe other bone issues in my foot. So, the dr sliced it open, took out a chunk of bone, detached, then reattached my achilles tendon (with a titanium bolt, basically.) Plus, a bunch of holes were poked in the tendons to make more blood flow to them and turn the scar tissue back to tissue that will stretch and move. The achilles was reattached higher than normal in hopes that it will work better.

So, I sit here, or lay most of the time, as I am allowed no weight bearing on that foot. Nor am I allowed to sit up for long periods of time. I’m supposed to keep my big toe “level with my eyeball” in other words, propped way up.

Right now, I’m sitting up long enough to type a bit, as I am going crazy. But, not for long, as the pain gets worse the longer I sit.

For now, this is where I am. Surgery 1 down, a couple more to go.

And, since I’m trapped here, you’ll here more from me, as I can’t get busy.

Have a great day.