Ack Day 21

I needed a smile, and Stacy had sent me this picture so I’m tossing it up here for y’all.

Today just started out badly. I was going to the bathroom, in my chair, got to the bathroom door, stood up, on my walker, and one good foot (my chair doesn’t fit in the bathroom) and went to hop in. Now, there has been some remodeling going on here so the floors are level, the hallway and bathroom floor are higher than where the threshold should be. And, you can see this coming, my good foot didn’t clear the higher floor.

My second toe, and the top of my foot just smashed into it. I screamed, almost feel but, caught myself. Everywhere I hit is red and purple and just intensely painful. I really think that I have at least a broken toe, if not a broken foot. There is nothing I can do about it for now, though, as I have to have one workable foot.

From there my day just went downhill, one thing after another, over and over again, just stupid things. Of course, since I was in pain anyway, that just made it worse. So, I ended up just laying down and eating some good sugarfree chocolate and whining for awhile. Now, I’m getting ready to go to bed, underneath an open window, with a fan in it, as it is still warm as hell. It was almost 80 here today, and we’re looking at the same for tomorrow.

Virginia weather, what can you say?

Have a great Thanksgiving or Thursday.

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