Day 22 Thanksgiving

-Long day, I am just exhausted, as are most people I’m sure. I really don’t have much to say tonight, at all, not even any whining, my brain is ruminating on stuff but nothing worth writing about.

-Oh, other than the fact that it was 80 degrees today, which is just beyond wrong. And, it rained but, not for long.

-The picture up there is just pure silliness as I have a pirate fetish. And, not a Johnny Depp one but, a fictional pirate one, nonetheless.

-Ack, Food Network is running some weird commercial where the network’s stars are done in some odd claymation way and it is frightening.

-I have one cousin who just had surgery due to cancer, he’s 17 and has testicular cancer. Needless to say we’re all worried about him.

-His sister just separated from her husband.

-Her baby might have a problem with his soft spot closing too soon.
Their poor family, they have so much on their plate right now.

-I’m ready to go to sleep.

-Happy Day.

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