Day 24 Meme

1.What do you want for Christmas this year? New digital camera, or a camcorder.

2.What are you buying for others? No idea yet, I haven’t done a bit of shopping.

3.When do you open gifts? Tony and I open after Midnight mass, the kids open everything in the morning.

4. Do you put up a tree? Yes. I love Christmas Trees.

5. Do you put up outdoor lights? Yes.

[i]a. multi or white or other single color?[/i] I prefer multi colored or all blue. Others disagree so we go back and forth over the years. I have no idea what is on the house this year as I haven’t been outside to see them, even though they’ve been up since Thanksgiving night.

6. Do you listen to Christmas music? Yes.

7. Favorite Christmas Carol: Carol of the Bells. Yes, I know I’m the only person on the planet who has that as their favorite.

8. When do you start listening to Christmas music? It is allowed the day after Thanksgiving but, normally not until partway into December.

9. Eggnog? No. Spiced cider.

10. Favorite Christmas Cookie. Anything with chocolate.

11. What is Christmas Dinner? It depends on the year but, often times it is Italian food. This year I think it’ll be lasagna.

12. Favorite family tradition: We all go to the lodge Christmas eve for the gathering there, then we come back to my parents’ home and eat pizza and buffalo wings. (we’re from western NY, don’t question it.)

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