Day 25

This is a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa Steve (yes, Steve, Mary, John was his middle name) and Grandma Susan. Obviously, this is where the first half of my first name comes from her. Mary scanned in a few pictures from Mom and I stole this from her MySpace page.

I remember Grandma and Grandpa but, I don’t know if Mary does or not. Katie definitely doesn’t, and they were both gone by the time Richie was born. Grandma was lilacs and a voice filled with love, housedresses and M&Ms. Grandpa was quieter, and loving, a constantly going foot that most of us inherited.

When I was very small we spent a lot of time at their house. In fact every night we were there until Grandma passed away. And, it wasn’t only us but Aunts and Uncles and lots and lots of cousins. We were an extremely close bunch who grew up as if we were all brothers and sisters and not cousins. Sadly enough, I haven’t actually seen any of my cousins since our wedding. Hopefully, that will be remedied next summer as we’re supposed to be having a family reunion in New York.

Tomorrow, I have a picture of our Niagara Falls house to show y’all, and maybe my brain will flow better. Have a great day.

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