Day 27

This is my Mom and Dad, although, before they were Mom and Dad. If I remember correctly this picture was taken in 1972, which would make them 19 and 15. Or 18 and 14, as it looks like a month or so before there birthdays (fall and they are November and December babies.)

It really wasn’t that long before they were married and parents though. Mom was not quite 17 and Daddy not quite 21 when they married. And, I was 3 months in the making. I was not a surprise though, as they got pregnant on purpose so that my Mom’s parents would sign for her to get married.

And married they did get, having me, then my 3 siblings. One after the other, fairly quickly, as there are only 8 years between me and my brother.

It is now 2007 and my parents have been married 33 years. That is just amazing to me. Mom just turned 50 and she’s been married for that long. And, they are still in love. Now, they fight and fuss sometimes, they have had issues in the past but, they are still together after all those years, the children, the grandchildren, the jobs, the loss of jobs, sickness and health.

They truly have upheld their marriage vows and that is what I look up to. A marriage that has made it through so many years, so many ups and downs, yet still makes it.

Tony and I are at 9 years married. We have been through entirely too much for that time period. But, everyday we tell one another how much we love each other. It is the small showing of love, every day, that makes things work for us.

When Tony stops at the store to bring me a piece of candy to cheer me up. Or buys me a pirate coloring book (a huge one, that I adore) to make me smile. The way he calls me when he eats lunch, and we talk the whole time. How he holds my wheelchair for me to sit down in it, the way he looks at me when the thinks I can’t see him.

It is the way he wraps he laces his fingers through mine, the way he kisses my forehead before he leaves for work. There are a million different ways he shows me everyday. And those are what makes me realize that we belong together in every single way.

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