Day 28

Today was another follow up to my foot surgery. And, I finally got some good news. I am allowed to put some weight on my foot. Not much, not often but, I can start heading in the direction of actually full fledged walking again.

I talk a couple steps tonight, leaning very much on my walker, with very little weight on my right foot, at all. It was painful. Very painful. Now, I know I just had a fairly serious foot surgery with some major rearranging, cutting, moving about of tendons, just 7 weeks ago but, I was so hoping that the move to being able to walk would be easier.

It’ll happen. By the New Year I’m hoping that I will be able to walk into the Lodge and to the office without much pain. That is my big push.

Other than that the big thing today was picking up my shoes. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a pair of orthopedic diabetic shoes. They are ugly as hell but fuck it, I never was a big shoe person anyway. I am a big slipper person though, and Tony bought me a pair of red fuzzy slippers to wear. And, for now, they are my all around shoes as I can not stand the pressure of any regular shoes on my right foot.

I’ve had about enough of this being awake thing, I’m off to bed, have a great Thursday.

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