Foot Stuff

Today was another follow-up from my foot surgery and it is still the same thing with it. Their is a tiny spot of the incision that is still open, I need physical therapy, and just keep on with it.

I have to say that I am right fed up with the pain of it. When I put weight on my foot it really friggin’ hurts. Hell, right now with my foot up and no weight on it, there is pain. While, I am worried about still having this much pain at 2.5 months out, Dr. D says it is normal and to just relax and have patience.

Tomorrow I have to try and find a therapist closer to me, driving 45 miles, 3 times a week, plus the copay is just too expensive and while I need the therapy to get my range of motion back, I have to find a cheaper way to do it. There is a physical therapy center locally at the nursing home but, I have no idea if they accept my insurance.

Now, that I know I’m going to be in physical therapy for some time, with the copay, I’m wishing we had decided on more for our FSA for next year. I based it off of this year’s expensive plus, a little bit extra (since I hope to have weight loss surgery this year), thinking that would be perfect. Unfortunately, with just expected output we’re going to be putting out a lot more than originally thought.

Ah, well, what can you do? If you overshoot and put too much into it, you’ll lose money, if you don’t put enough, you lose money (through paying more in taxes) but, probably not as much.

I really shouldn’t whine too much, as we really do have fantastic insurance. They have paid a lot of money on things for me this year from surgeries to walkers to diabetic shoes (hush, they aren’t that ugly, and they are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I have ever owned.) That doesn’t even mention my medicine. One of my meds costs 300 a month, on its own, so yeah, I shouldn’t whine.

And, for now, I’m done. have a good one.

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