Kid Pics and a Southern Meme

This is Charlie and Colson, and Colson with Santa.

Colson is not quite 2 and a cutie pie. Since he doesn’t live here, I don’t share as many pictures of him but, I love him just the same. He is a smiley little guy who is just starting to talk a bit more.

Miss Ladyloo posted these few questions on her site asking Southerners to answer the meme:

Biscuits or yeast rolls? Depends on the time of day, morning is biscuits, dinner is yeast rolls.
Cracklin’s or chitlin’s? Cracklins
“You might be a redneck…” or “Git’er done”? You might be a redneck…
Catfish or wide-mouthed bass? Catfish
For the ladies: camouflage or monograms (for the love of Pete, hopefully no monogrammed camouflage)? Camo but only my red camouflage dress (there are pictures of it around here, it isn’t scary like it sounds)
Hunt for deer or turkey? Deer, and take out as many of those car wrecking bastards as you can.
John Deere or Kubota? John Deere
Baptist or Methodist? Here’s where you find out I was born in NY, but have lived in the South for more than 24 years: Catholic.
Fried turkey or fried venison? Venison

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