Goodbye 2007

The afternoon of the last day of 2007 is here, we’re rushing about, getting ready to go to some friends for the evening. I wanted to get one more entry in for Holidailies this year which should bring me to 29 entries in December of this year. I had 30 in November and about 10 the entire rest of the year. I really dropped the ball on journaling this year as so much was going on that I really couldn’t talk about.

Well, I made up for that it seems. And, my resolution for 2008 is to write more. Whether it is on, or off, line, I want to write some each day, hopefully a lot will be online, though as I really enjoyed doing this again.

Resolutions normally aren’t my thing, but, in the past 2 years, I resolved 2 different things: quit smoking, and lose weight, and I’ve done both. I quit smoking in September of 2006, and I’ve lost 50 pounds or so this year.

So, 2008, I will write more. I will lose more weight. I will continue to not smoke. I will quit bitching so much.

And, that in a nutshell is it. Tomorrow, I’ll write my update of the past year, and hopefully, I’ll have more than 2 minutes to write it in.

Happy New Year.

Suzy Smith

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