Sandwich of the day

The sandwich of the moment here:

Ciabatta bread, cut in half. A good quality smoked turkey. Habanero cheddar cheese. mayo. butter.

Equipment: 2 cast iron pans. I use a large round griddle and a 12 inch fry pan. another small fry pan

Throw both pans over burners, medium high heat if electric stove top, high if gas.

While that is working, butter the outside of the ciabatta. put turkey in the small fry pan with a little butter, on medium heat to heat it through.

When turkey is heated, layer turkey and cheese in ciabatta bread. Place the sandwich on the one pan, then pick up the other cast iron pan and place it on top of the sandwich, making sure that the pressure is fairly even.

Cook until crispy and cheese is melting out the sides. Peel apart, put on mayo or mustard, although I think mustard doesn’t go as well with the habanero cheddar.

Another thing I sometimes do is throw in some sliced red onion when grilling it, or some grilled onion. A friend of mine uses a panini press but, I already have the pans, so there is no need for another piece of kitchen equipment.